Global expertise

We work with a wide range of businesses and investors across many different sectors and territories. The case studies below give you a snapshot of our team in action and of the various ways we can help you source the intelligence you need.

  • Alcohol retail

    Survey of 50 distributors and retailers of Moutai in China

  • Publishing

    US private equity firm considers acquisition of British educational publisher

  • Film

    Conference call covering potential IPO of major Hollywood film studio

  • Lingerie retail

    Private equity firm makes significant investment in Nordic lingerie sector

  • Winter tyres

    Survey of 100 retailers of winter tyres in Russia

  • Renewable energy

    Conference call following announcement of major reforms to Spanish renewable energy sector

  • Healthcare

    Private equity M&A deal in UK clinical laboratory space

  • Mobile telecoms

    Conference call exploring impact of 4G licences issued by Chinese Government

  • Macroeconomics

    Private meetings on developments in Portuguese macroeconomic environment

  • Footwear retail

    Survey of 120 European and Asian independent retailers of US footwear brand

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